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A little history of our company

Where did the idea for ECOstands come from?

The idea to produce ecological ECOstands was a result of our many years of experience in offering POS advertising formats.

We have stayed In contact with our clients since 1998, when the production of cardboard creationsintended for trade had started. Inspired by our clients’ ideas and opinions on cardboard stands, and looking for a way to create stands that would be more aesthetic, durable, providing more possibilities of product arrangements, we decided to manufacture plywood displays.

The possibilities with this material proved to be a bull’s eye. Currently, we fulfil orders for major corporate clients including E. Wedel, Delecta, Sokołów, and Perła beer.

What is the ECOstand?

Adjusted to the customer

With ECOstand you can benefit from our flexible approach and adjust the amount of your order to your needs. You do not have to buy in bulk!

Though we fulfil large orders by the hundreds, we also understand the needs of smaller businesses.We also know how important it is to check out the product, and we would like to let you learn about our quality before purchasing a larger batch.

We can assure you that even one ecological ECOstand makes a big difference, and you can always buy more.

Custom made

We like things that fit well; therefore, we offer the opportunity to place orders for individual projects. Create your own eco-friendly product display stand. Show us what will work best for your products!

Our production technology allows you to customise your ECOstand to your needs. Shape, surface printing, milled parts, the right size – these are the features that distinguish a good POS (point of sale). Good exposure improves sales. Our design department is waiting for new challenges. It is worth taking advantage of their creativity.

Display your products in the unique setting they deserve.

Comprehensive service

From the concept, through to the design, printing, cutting, adding the final touches and addressing the parcels, your ECOstand stays only in our hands before it reaches you.

This enables us to maintain the highest quality and give you the assurance that you will not lose time in the receipt and assembly of defective products. The controls carried out in the many stages of the production process eliminate the smallest mistake and make sure we offer you a complete, and executed with the utmost care, stand made of plywood.

And if you have any questions, requests or comments regarding your product, you can always contact us because the product is always with us, close at hand.

Convenient solutions

Simple as LEGO blocks! ECOstand grew out of a passion for convenient solutions, hence the decision to produce displays and stands made of plywood which require only a few moments to assemble –no tools, lost pieces or sharp objects.

Whether in your shop or when visiting contractors, you take care of sales, not DIY projects. That is why our products are always assembled with no tools.

Convenient, fast, easy –after a few moments, you can already plan the product display.

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